Expertise and care

From development and production to patient application, drugs subject to processes that span several years with many factors influencing their efficacy, safety and quality. The greatest care and the application of globally recognized best practices can ensure that the patient is always supplied with safe and good medicines.

LOGOSYS stores and ships pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates and finished products, acts as a wholesaler for pharmaceuticals and medical products and carries out its own manufacturing activities for the packaging and labeling of these products. It is therefore involved in several steps in the process chain and must always ensure that the legal requirements for the products are met upon receipt.

Consistently high product quality is achieved through compliance with the ICH guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP). The aim is to produce all components and influencing factors that make up a drug according to good standardized processes in order to produce a good end product and supply it to patients. LOGOSYS works with the greatest care and dedication to ensure this quality for our customers and ultimately for the patients.

Our quality management team consists of pharmaceutically trained specialists and a pharmacist. For LOGOSYS, it is of the very utmost importance to employ the best possible qualified personnel for this department, as it is a core element for drug safety and customer satisfaction. The expertise of our team enables you to understand the entire process from the development to the life cycle of drugs, to understand on which principles the applicable regulations are based and above all to know the interests of the authorities and our customers. Whether pharmacy, wholesale, pharmaceutical entrepreneur or health authority, our team speaks the same language.

Drug safety
Our greatest goal

All areas relating to pharmacovigilance and drug safety are looked after at LOGOSYS by officially accredited pharmacy staff. These areas work closely with the competent authorities and always give the highest priority to safety. In the event of suspicious cases, we are able to react quickly and flexibly and take immediate action. Whether quarantine of suspicious products or batch recalls, we are always there at your side.

Kevin Danner (geb. Billau)

Leiter des Qualitätsmanagements
Verantwortliche Person Arzneimittelgroßhandel nach §52a Abs. 1 AMG
Stellvertretender Herstellungsleiter
Leitender Auditor

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