LOGOSYS Training and Education

The constant transfer of knowledge has a great influence on the development possibilities of each individual. Lifelong learning is thus gaining increasing importance and acceptance in society. The topics of further education and training stand for different aspects, because companies and employees pursue different goals.

For companies, the following reasons are significant with regard to the further training of their employees:

• Counteracting the shortage of skilled workers
• Competitive advantages by keeping pace with rapid developments
• Evaluate and accelerate new developments
• Use of specialist knowledge for corporate development

For the employee, however, the following aspects count:

• Fulfilling new professional requirements through technical progress
• self-realization at work and in private life
• the improvement of career opportunities by differentiating oneself from the masses
• Seeing the “big picture”

Wide range of further training opportunities

The field for training and further education is very broad. The individual offers can be funded privately or by the company. Each employee has the option of self-directed further training in the form of self-study with books, the trade press, online media or learning CDs. Private further training opportunities are also possible through participation in courses. These are implemented as distance learning programs, but also increasingly via eLearning systems.

The selection should be based on certified course offers.

With the inhouse LOGOSYS training, we create various further training opportunities.